Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Adventures In Medical Equipment

So... I'm ever more amazed at all the things that Morgan needs. She is a marvel of paperwork, appointments and projects. She's totally worth it. But still, a lot of things to address. And the biggest project we've had to conquer thus far is getting her set up with medical equipment.

A few months back, at one of Morgan's visits to her Pediatrician, I was informed that I would soon need to start thinking about getting Morgan fitted for a wheelchair. This didn't come as surprise to me though it was still a little tough to hear. Since then, we've taking some steps. We got a chair that she is using now (sort of a loaner) and from that, have learned what she really needs. Back in January, I started the process of getting Morgan a custom wheelchair and bath chair.

And what a process it has been.

I had to contact our insurance and find out what they would cover, then I called Medicaid and found out the same from them. This took several phones calls with many transfers to the right person who would know that answer. Finally, I knew what the rules were.

I had to call the medical equipment/wheelchair providers and ask them about insurance, requirements and the necessary paperwork. We found a good one.

I had to call the Pediatrician's office and get the Letters of Medical Necessity and Prescriptions and have them fax over to the Medical Supply place.

Then, we had to set up a consultation/fitting with Morgan's Physical Therapist and the Supplier...
And so on a so forth.

Morgan's Physical Therapist had quite a bit of paperwork to do on it as well, from what I understand.
So I'm very impressed with how involved the process is but we've had a lot of help along the way.

Now, it's April and I think we can expect all of her stuff to be here in early June. The Pediatrician did warn us that it would take awhile and I find myself lusting after the new equipment. I can't wait until it arrives. It will make life a little easier. 

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