Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Turning Five

I can't believe my Little Man is five years old. The past five years, with the exception of the time that Morgan was born to when her seizures were brought under control, went by in a blur. Watching Kyle grow is one of the greatest pleasures I've ever known.  I've cherished every moment. I remember holding him when he was just a baby thinking that this wasn't going to last long, that he wasn't always going to be this little, and that I better enjoy each stage of growth he travels through on his way to adulthood. Even when he has driven me to wits end, I can't help but feel the tug at my heart every time I look at him. I never imagined how much joy he would bring into my life. Even when he tests me, even on the days when I truly look forward to when he's in bed, my life is fuller and more wondrous than I ever thought possible.

There are many big milestones in my life. When I got married. When I earned my degree. But nothing else has changed my life, changed me more, than when Kyle opened his eyes for the first time. My life is divided in to two timelines, pre-Kyle and post-Kyle. My life before becoming a Mom and my life after becoming a Mom. He has eradicated the unnecessary and sharpened my focus to include only what's important and leave all the rest behind.

He starts Kindergarten next week and I'm excited for him but sad at the same time. Thus far I've been teaching him Preschool at home. With the doctor's concerns about Morgan's immune system and her ability to fight of any sickness, sending Kyle to Preschool was impossible. So Kindergarten will be his first experience with School, adding a new facet to our lives. And he is READY. I'm not so sure that I am though.

I love my Little Man more than I can say and I'm so grateful to have him. I love his kind heart and independent spirit. I look forward to every new moment, every new step.

Here are some things that Kyle has said to me that I think you may enjoy:

I'm dragging myself through the day and I ask out loud to no one in particular "Why am I so completely exhausted all the time?" To which I hear Kyle reply from the next room, "Because you are Mommy."

Kyle is now into bugs. We now have a bug jar that sometimes contain live creatures of one kind or another. One day after weeding the flowerbeds with Kyle, he comes in with three snails. One big one and two baby ones. I ask "What are their names?" Kyle answers, "The Daddy snail is Snake and the little ones Meeko and Yoki."

"He's a great hero!" Kyle says this about every action figure he has.

He loves the Angry Birds game, but for some reason, despite knowing the real name of the game, he insists on calling it "Angry Chickens."

He used to make up words for everything rather than be bothered with using the real name. I don't know the reason why or how he came up with these. Chocolate milk was "chosh," his favorite blanket was his "soup," and our dog Molly was "Bah," to which she responds and is used as a loving nickname.

One day we were driving to the hospital for one of Morgan's Neurology appointments. On the way there we saw an ambulance just outside a restaurant as we passed. The lights were flashing and they were bringing someone out on the gurney. This distressed Kyle. "Someone's in trouble?" he asked. "Yes, someone got sick and needed help and the ambulance is there to help them." I explained. Kyle got really quiet for awhile. Then he says "Maybe I can be a doctor when I grow up then I can help." This got to me a little. "Yes, maybe you can."