Sunday, January 24, 2016

5-Year-Olds Playing Basketball

So a couple months ago I decided to enroll Kyle in a basketball league with other kids his age. It would give him an opportunity to learn something new and to do something active that doesn't require dressing like the Michelin Man before venturing outside.   

I've discovered there's nothing quite so entertaining as watching 5-year-olds play basketball. At this point, it's all about teaching the kids how to play. At Kyle's practice the coaches have taught him and his team fundamentals like how to dribble the ball, how to pass the ball and how the make a basket. Basic stuff. It's fun to watch each kid trying to get the hang of this new sport. Basketball is completely new to most the kids on this team including Kyle. They do pretty well during practice, doing their best to follow the coaches' instruction.

That's until, at the end of the practice, the coaches had them play a little skirmish. Then all bets were off. I can't believe how much fun it is to watch these kids. No one knows what they're doing! One kid goes tearing across the court for no apparent reason, another grabs the ball and runs with it tightly wrapped in his arms, all the while the coach is calling "Dribble! You got to dribble buddy!" It's pretty chaotic.

At the end of it, Kyle was red faced and tired. And already asking when he gets to play again.  He has such a good time and I enjoyed watching it all way too much. Kyle and his team will improve with time and oh how much fun it will be to watch the process. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Must Remember

My beautiful daughter, my Little Ball of Worry, has many specialists. The list, thus far, has consisted of a Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Immunologist, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist and a Geneticist. Not to mention the Neonatologist from when she was first born. She has had countless appointments with these specialists. All critical in handling her diverse number of medical issues and concerns. Morgan is not yet two years old and we've run quite the gambit of medical stresses. It's no wonder why I call her my Little Ball of Worry.

To back up a bit. I want you to know how incredible my daughter is. How exquisitely beautiful she is. There are moments with her that pull me closer to the wonders and mysteries of this world. I look into her eyes and I see such depth and beauty. Looking into those eyes gives me the determination to walk this path and to do so with my head held high and straight spine.

Also, she is strong. I don't mean strong as in she can lift very heavy objects for her age, or that she can outmatch her peers in endurance or physical prowess. She can do neither. She is delayed in every way. She struggles with the simple things and milestones which you and I take for granted.

By saying she is strong, I mean she is the most determined little human being I've ever encountered. The things which she endures without complaint boggles the mind. She has defied all odds and continues to surprise and baffle both me and the medical community. She is determined to be here with us. She is determined to live. She is moving forward one inch at a time. And I'm in awe of her.

Each specialist in Morgan's life serves a critical purpose in her health and well being. Not just her health for today but to increase the her chances for the best future possible.

She also has a few therapists helping her with her vision, gross motor development, fine motor development as well as orientation management (this has to do with her vision impairment and moving safely through space).

Not to mention her Pediatrician who has done an amazing job of putting it all together and tracking the different elements of her care and Morgan's overall health.

All-in-all, Morgan has quite the team. And I couldn't do what I do without any of them. Each Specialist, Doctor and Therapist addresses a different need and each contributes to the information and knowledge I need to be able to care for Morgan.

And even I, with the lifelong mantra of "I can do it myself," admits that I can't do this alone.

But I must remember that I'm just as essential to Morgan's well-being. To not forget my own importance. I must remember that because I care for Morgan and the rest of my family, that I must not forget to take care of myself.